is a network for unique, content-rich information.  Every post in our network is original and we spend a lot of time ensuring this.

As a result, the current time for a new blog post to be indexed by the major search engines is very short.

This means your message will not be a meaningless drop of water in the web ocean, but a signature of your capabilities as an expert in your subject matter. You are assured to get almost immediate readers.


We use the open source software on Linux servers. Our blogs use open source themes as well.

Benefits to businesses is ideal for a business that wants to try out their hand at attracting new customers by blogging about their area of expertise.  You can write with confidence in the knowledge that your posts will be at the same standard of other similarly minded members.

If you own a website and have stock at hand, we allow to publish links to your individual products.

Unlimited Resources

There are no limits to the amount of data or graphics on anyone in our community.

All plugins are considered

If you are switching away from your current free blog provider because they don’t provide the plugin you need, our team can evaluate it and make it available in record time. Simply submit your new plugin code through the handy form in your administrative area and let us to the rest.

No video or intrusive ads

Unlike free blog communities like Automattic’s, we constantly review the contents of ads being displayed so that they are on topic all the time. We will not show video ads or intrusive ways to attract readers.


Whether you are migrating your entire site from a different blog provider or requesting the latest fixes for your favorite theme, our support team ensures that you can relax while we do the heavy lifting.

Automated posts

Automated posts/aggregators are not allowed.

Verbatim content from other sources

Reproducing content found somewhere else is not allowed. An example of an exceptional circumstance for your posts to be verbatim would be if you currently take part in a project to scan or interpret documents in the public domain that are not available anywhere else.

Take this example:  A new public domain book in Latin has been discovered and it has not yet been scanned.  You are participating in transcribing, translating or scanning and wish to display your progress chapter by chapter.  Each chapter can be made into a new blog entry with your annotations.